Flight Training VA Benefits

At Western Air Flight Academy, your dream of flight will become a reality. We specialize in producing top quality pilots. Whether your goal is to fly for the airlines or just go for breakfast at a remote mountain airfield, the training you receive here will be second to none.

We offer flight training that begins with an exciting first flight, and can go as far as the stars. It is all up to you! Contact us today and let your adventure begin.

Western Air Flight Academy is approved by the Colorado State Approving Agency to offer Veteran Benefits.

A Veteran may use his or her benefits for flight training and be reimbursed for a percentage of the flight training costs.  The courses that Western Air Flight Academy is approved for currently are the Instrument Pilot Rating, and Commercial Pilot-Single-Engine Land Ratings.

To be eligible you must have a Private Pilots License and Class 2 medical. To start you must fill out the VA form 22-1990; you can download the application from the VA’s Website and file it electronically. If you are currently enrolled in another school, such as a college or tech school and receiving benefits, file VA Form 22-1995. Once you have completed the form, bring a copy of the filed form into the school along with your DD-214, if you are in the Guard or Reserves a copy of your NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility).

Western Air Flight Academy will at the end of each month will hand in a training log. Your training activities will then be certified by the VA. Payments will be sent to you the student directly from the VA. This normally takes 2-4 weeks after you receive the training certifications from our school. You can pick up a copy of the Veterans Information Bulletin (VIB) for a full explanation of the programs.

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